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  Social cohesion and inter-ethnic climate in Romania 2008, October-November 2008

Responsible for the project: Kiss Tamás

RIRNM made up a representative sociological survey on the inter-ethnic climate in Romania. Methodology used was built up by consulting some available or partly-available previous works; these quantitative researches consulted were dealing with Romanian inter-ethnic relations of the past years.

Main research objectives are:

-     evaluation of the general inter-ethnic climate in Romania

-     dynamics of inter-ethnic relations

-     describing self-perceptions an hetero-perceptions of the most numerous ethnic communities

-     evaluation in the level of knowledge on intolerance and discrimination

-     coming to know the public and legislative policies regarding ethnic minorities from Romania and their impact

In accordance with the public procurement procedure, this survey was attributed to CCRIT (Research Center for Interethnic Relations, Cluj-Napoca, responsible for undertaking it based on the methodological requirements stipulated in the contract.

This survey was made between 24 October - 7 November 2008 on a sample of 1200 persons with results representative for the national level and a 600 person-sub sample representative for the ethnic Hungarians in Romania; all the subjects were under 18 years. Data collection was made by field operators using face to face interviews.

Research results include the methodological part; the research report contains graphical representations of questionnaire questions/items, comments for each questionnaire-chapter, profiles resulting from factual data - a quantitative and qualitative interpretation of the results, the data base.

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