Regime change in Romania. The participation of the Romanian national minorities in the events from 1989 and their first forms of self-organization

    Research period: 2010-2012

    Research coordinators: Attila Gidó (RIRNM), Csaba Zoltán Novák (researcher at the „Gheorghe Şincai" Institute for Social Sciences and the Humanities of the Romanian Academy, Târgu Mureş), Nándor Bárdi (researcher at the Institute for Minority Studies, Center for Social Sciences of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest)

    RIRNM researchers participating in the project: Attila Gidó, Ágnes Kiss, Stefánia Toma

    External researchers participating in the project: Tamás Sárándi, Attila Lehoczky, Hajnal Tavaszi, Izabella Györgyjakab, Tamás Toró, Tibor Toró, Zsolt Ákosi, János Fodor, Albert Forró, István Sólyom, Csaba Gidó, Katalin Miklós, Botond Nagy, Réka Vass

    Partner institutions: "Jakabffy Elemér" Foundation (Cluj-Napoca), "Progres" Foundation.

    The topic of the research: events from 1989 and the first forms of self-organization in important Transylvanian cities.

    The objectives of the project: creating a data base, documentation, local chronologies (Transylvania) and interviews, editing a volume of case studies.

    Results: 17 chronologies and a historical narrative from the point of view of local social and political movements. In 2010-2011, there were made 70 interviews with local elites of different Transylvanian cities. In 2012, the case studies are prepared.


    The interviewing was financially supported by the "Jakabffy Elemér" Foundation (Cluj-Napoca) and the "Progres" Foundation.